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How to get white background white and consistent?

How do you get your white background so white and consistent? I got asked a lot. I won’t lie; white...
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How to streamline your wrapping workflow

Create the beautiful and artistic wrapping style photos is easier than you think. I love my wrapping styles that are...
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No more struggling during the dark winter days

I won't lie! The winter months in the UK are challenging for natural light photographers. ☹️ The winter days are short...
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Timeless Marketing

I believe in Timeless Marketing Timeless marketing is not about forcing people to buy things they don’t want. I truly...
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Tips for my signature egg wrapping style

Creating the beautiful artistic egg wrapping style is easier than you think. I love the Egg Wrap style I created...
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Changes are scary!

When I followed my heart and changed to the Timeless White Style I truly love - it was scary! I...
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