September 2022 – Newborn Session

By Shan Fisher

Have you ever experienced challenging situations in your newborn photoshoot?

Many photographers felt defeated and started doubting themselves when they struggled to get good photos from a shoot with an unsettled baby.

I have photographed over 1000 newborn babies in my 15 years photography career. I can tell you every baby is uniquely different.

Some newborn babies slept through the entire photoshoot.

Some newborn babies never slept

Some newborn babies didn’t want to be put down and some babies just wanted to be fed…

That’s why I created this Membership to show you how to photograph babies and families in all circumstances.

I believe to be a great newborn photographer you need to have the skills to handle every challenging situation in your newborn sessions, you need to understand the babies and have the knowlege to create beautiful photos consistently. 

It will be so easy to show you how to create a beautiful newborn with a dream sleeper. But I didn’t have a dream sleeper at my newborn session. 

Inside the Membership this month, you will learn some valuable skills and they will make you become a better newborn photographer and help you to create stunning photos in challenging situations.

What you will learn:

1. How to create beautiful photos with an unsettled baby?

2. How to handle challenging situations such as a baby that doesn’t want to be put down?

3. How to create various styles and beautiful photos without disturbing the unsettled baby?
4. How to maximize simple setup, posing, shoot angles, lighting styles to create stunning photos? 

5. How to capture the connection of parents and family? 

6. How to create a full beautiful photo gallery with an unsettled baby in 1 hour. 

I can’t wait to share all my tips with you to help you to create beautiful photos and capture precious moments in any given situation.

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