The Timeless Newborn Photography & Business Coaching Program began last week. 

I had an incredible time with my new students at our first coaching session.  It’s so great to have this program as a platform to connect, learn and grow together. 

I felt truly honoured they choose me as their photography and business coach and mentor. I always love the energy from my coaching program students. 

They are eager to learn and grow with an open heart and mind. As their coach and mentor, I have a huge belief in them. I’m so excited for their future! 

I know they will achieve big goals in their life. And I will go hand in hand with them to support them every step of the way.

My heart is full of gratitude and blessing to have this opportunity to be part of their amazing journey.

And I feel so proud of myself for making such an impact in their life through my training.

With Love ❤️& Gratitude,

Shan x