Roberta’s Success Story

I would love to share Roberta’s success story to inspire you to DREAM BIG!

Roberta started her newborn photography in 2018. She told me she draws to the simplicity and natural style.

When she discovered my work in 2018, she wanted to learn from me.

She contacted me and asked me to have a workshop in Switzerland. I told her I live on a British island and I only offer mentoring at my studio.

After our consultation call, I also found out that she couldn’t speak much English.

I charged $3500 for in-person training at my studio. To learn from me in person, she would have to travel from Switzerland to my studio, and it would cost her around $10,000 including the mentorship fee, traveling, and accommodation.

To be honest, I didn’t think she would commit to it.

I understand we all have our dreams and goals. But it’s scary to commit to something big.

We often say to ourselves: “I’m not ready right now.” “This is too expensive for me.” “This sounds too hard for me.” Or “I’m not as good as others.”

But she said yes. She travelled 2 days, 3 airports, 3 flights, and a thousand miles from Switzerland to my studio with her family and her Italian translator.

I felt such a privilege to meet her, her family, and our amazing translator Elena.

I felt honoured to have the opportunity to support her to achieve her dreams and goals in her business and her life.

I know if someone could commit herself like this, someone could take whatever she could to overcome all the challenges and barriers. I know she will be successful in her life!

I was right. I watched her grow and achieve so much within only 1 year.

She is now:
1. Running a profitable studio in Switzerland
2. Build her brand that stands out from other photographers.
3. Use what she learnt to create the style that she loves.
4. Use what she learnt to build a strong relationship with her clients
5. She completed one of her big goals of becoming a speaker.

This is what she said.

I’m so proud of her!

She also inspired me to become an educator, to empower others to follow their dreams, support them in achieving their goals, and make an impact on people’s lives.

I can tell you one of the biggest blocks I see in photographers is a lack of belief in themselves.

I can tell you, you can achieve big dreams and goals in your business and your life like Roberta and many of my students if you commit yourself to it.

Can you imagine one year today and you look back and be grateful for the decision you made, the challenges you overcame, and the success you achieved? Because today, you commit to making a difference in your life. Whatever challenge ahead of you.

That’s why I create the Timeless Newborn Mastery 3 Months Training and Coaching to support you.

Because I know if you are as passionate and committed and dedicated as my amazing students, then I know I can help you to achieve successes too.

Don’t wait for another year that you can make a difference to your business and your life.

Start today!

Much love,

Shan x