My Lessons Learned You don’t want to miss out on!

13 years ago, I took a leap of faith – I sold my house and left my well-paid office job to follow my dream of becoming a photographer.

All I had at the time was my camera and many unknowns. Of course, you don’t have to do that!

I worked in a restaurant to earn extra money to support myself. I used the money from selling my house to purchase my camera and invested in lots of training and courses.

I was willing to do whatever I needed to, in order to make my dream come true and be excellent at what I do!

Fast forward through many successes, failures, and lessons learnt over the last 13 years, and see the business I have today.

I’m going to share the 4 most valuable lessons I learnt to help you to build your dream business:​

1. Start NOW

Don’t wait until you have a studio to start your business.

After years of lugging all of my gear to and from client homes, I started working out of my home in the corner of my bedroom with one vintage chair in 2013 when I had my first son. Yes, my own bedroom!

Long story short, today I am so grateful to have a beautiful home studio and to be doing something I am passionate about every day.

If you don’t have a home studio or studio, you can use my timeless storytelling style for photoshoots at client’s homes or outdoors.

I built my 6 figure business before I had my home studio. You Don’t Have To Get Perfect, You Just Need To Get Started!

​2. Get Financial Support

I wish I knew this when I had just started my business.

I thought I had to have enough money to start my business and I have to do this all by myself.

Do you know you can get financial support from your government or many trustworthy organizations to help you start your business?

I received a £6000 (USD8,500 ) grant from the Micro Business Grant Scheme run by my government to help me start my Shan Fisher Education business.

​Please check what business grant scheme or low-interest loan your government or trustworthy organizations offer for a business start-up in your country.

If you are living in the UK. You can look into Virgin Start Up Loans –

Also, there are many Covid financial support schemes for small businesses from your governments.

Please do some research today and apply straight away if you qualify. You might be entitled for financial support from the date you apply if your application is approved.


I used to think running a successful photography business required a fancy studio, filled with trendy props, backdrops, studio clothing, and equipment. I spent so much money and focused on those things to keep up with trends and keep my work fresh. My studio was filled with shelves full of props and equipment, and it never seemed enough!

I know some new photographers would have loved to start their business, but have given up on the idea because they don’t think they can afford the cost of setting up a studio and buying props and equipment.

I can tell you building a profitable photography business can be simple and affordable.

You can start your business with a simple and affordable studio set up anywhere.

Here is all I needed for my studio setup:

  • Lighting (I use natural light)
  • White wall
  • White curtain – £25
  • White form board panel- £75
  • Posing Beanbag – £75
  • White wrap and backdrop set £35

Total: £210

You can see how my students create their simple shooting spaces after my training.

3. Invest in YOURSELF​

I truly believe one of the reasons I succeeded in my business is because I INVESTED IN MYSELF.

Everyone can buy the same cameras or lens I have, but no one else has the unique set of knowledge and skills I have learned.

I believe in long-term success in my business. I have to be excellent at what I do.

Cameras, equipment, or props are the tools. It’s only YOU who can make the difference!

Another example, I started Shan Fisher Education at the end of 2019. Creating the Timeless Newborn Mastery 12 weeks Training and Coaching Program was all new for me.

I had the vision and dream but I didn’t have the roadmap and tools. I never created an online training program before.

Yes, I could have spent 5 years learning from YouTube videos, reading books, or waste of money, time and make lots of mistakes to work it out myself.

Instead, I invested over £15,000 (USD 21,000) on courses, training, and mentorship last year. I learnt from those mentors who have already achieved the success that I wanted to achieve. I simply followed their roadmap and guidance.

Investment in education enabled me to fast-track my growth, achieved extraordinary results and saved me years of expensive trial and error.

Over the last 15 months, my team and I dedicated ourselves to bringing my vision to life and created a world-class training and coaching program.

I’m proud to say no one has created such a unique and comprehensive program before.

I’m so excited to bring it out to the world on 18th March 2021. You can find out more information on my website.

We all have one life and 24 hours a day. Don’t waste a day doubting yourself! Follow your dream and start your dream business now.

Because only You can make a difference to your life and the world with your unique talent!

Much love,

Shan x

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