Student Success Story – Beth Moore

I would love to share this amazing news from my student Beth.

I received a message from Beth telling me that she booked her first newborn shoot with a £600 package just 1 week after our coaching.

The most amazing thing is she is still in lockdown in the UK and her new studio is not even complete yet.

Instead of fighting a situation that we cannot control and waiting for the opportunity to arrive, Beth used this uncertain time to learn and grow.

Beth started her business only 3 years ago. She has worked hard to build her skills, learn photoshop, and train with many mentors that inspired her.

She told me that she had clients who love her work but she has always felt she was not good enough and challenged with imposter syndrome.

I think we can all relate to that. I felt the same at the beginning of my career. It’s so easy to compare yourself with the successful photographers and think you’re not good enough.

Beth has taken many lovely images which never made it into her portfolio because she was simply unhappy with how she had edited them.

She found editing and maintaining consistency of whites and skin tones was a real challenge.

She just couldn’t achieve the balance of wanting to give an image enough pop, whilst not over editing really hard.

She discovered my work and reached out to me for the 1:1 training and coaching sessions to help her to achieve the style she loves and commercial insight into how to grow and scale her business.

‘’My mentoring sessions with Shan always exceed my expectations, she is generous with her time and knowledge and inspires me to push myself, and my photography business, harder and go further.’’ – Beth Moore.

I’m so happy I’m able to help her achieve the style that she loves, giving her the encouragement and momentum to start her business again and a roadmap to grow and scale her business.

Beth, I’m so happy and proud of you. Building a business is hard, especially a business during the pandemic is even more challenging.

A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor’’

If we can overcome the difficulties and challenges of this pandemic, nothing can stop us!

Much love,
Shan x